Our bucket list

©      Swimming with dolphins
©      New york
©      Road trip in America
©      Orlando resort (Harry potter theme park)
©      Australia
©      Karaoke in Tokyo
©      Eating ice cream in Rome
©      Viewing a musical in London
©      Visit Pompeii
©      Visit Hollywood
©      Diving in an exotic place
©      Riding a husky sledge
©      Going on a ski trip together
©      Meeting our favorite actors
©      Comic con San Diego
©      Catching Mewto
©      Going to Europa-park (Fun park in Germany)
©      Eating sushi in Japan
©      Rafting
©      Going to an island that’s full of puppies (or adult dogs, as long as it are dogs)
©      Visiting the rain forest
©      Tequila shot in rio
©      Casino in las vegas
©      Travel the world on our own
©      Volunteering in an dog adoption center
©      Volunteering with big panda’s in China
©      Adopt an animal
©      Giving blood (red cross)
©      Flying in a helicopter
©      Being fancy in Dubai
©      Canada
©      Antartica
©      Seeing Orca’s in the wild
©      Being in a shark cage to say hello the underated friendly animals
©      Cosplay
©      Meeting J.K Rowling
©      Swimming in every sea/ocean of the world
©      Going to the Berlin zoo
©      Visiting the Colloseum
©      Sword forging
©      Getting a tattoo
©      Finding the kettle of gold at the end of the rainbow
©      Celebrating sint-patricks day in Ireland
©      Christmass in London
©      Thanksgiving and Halloween in America
©      Seeing the pope
©      Meeting Obama
©      Driving a Vespa in Italy
©      Eating a ‘bratwurst’ in Germany
©      Disneyland Paris
©      Disneyworld
©      Going on a vacation together
©      Visiting Paris
©      Visiting London
©      Eating greek stuff in Greece
  This is our bucket list at the moment, but it can grow and change. If you have any nice ideas you think we would like to do, let us know. Thanks :)