Foodies on a budget: London

Cheap food in London? Mc Donalds, KFC, … you think?
No way, London is food paradise. London is a mix of diffent cultures and you notice that in the choice of restaurants and snacks. In every big street you can find the English, Japanese, Italian, American,… cuisine. You can eat very healthy or the total opposite. Like the foodies we are , we didn’t know what to choose and we feared we would be broke at the end of our holiday.

BUT dear friends, good news! You can eat well in London for a good price. We will give you some tips and reviews about the places we visited!


-Ask tap water (it’s free). Soda is expensive. If you want a soda: drink it once a day in a restaurant or drink it in the Mc Donalds (cheap!) or buy it in the supermarket.

-Search, there are a lot of options. Compare menus and don’t be afraid to try new food.

-Look at the menu, sometimes they charge extra % instead of tips.

– If you don’t want to spend all your money on food try to do what we did:
Breakfast: included in hotel
Lunch: streetfood, supermarket
Dinner: Restaurant, bistro


  1. Agnus steakhouse
    Okay, this is a chain but what a delicious meat they have! And it is payable!
    We went two times to Agnus and were never disappointed. 😉
  2. Pizza express: The good Italian Food
  3. Sushi! There are a lot of sushi shops who offer different options 🙂 ex:
  4. Froyo: for a fancy Froyo go to Snog
  5. Great Fish&Chips @garfunkels

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