What to visit in London with a student budget?


As you may or may not know we went to London. A wonderful city with many things to do.
But London is also very expensieve. Especially when you’re a student.

In this post we’re telling you what we visited.

The first day we went to a tourist information centre. That’s the cheapest and easiest way to get tickets. It’s cheaper to buy for example 3 tickets than just one at the entrance. And you don’t have to stand in line for a ticket.  Important note: bring your student card!


We chose 3 activities for £63 ( €72):

  1. The london Eye  (Adult price)
    A must see if you are in London.  It was our first time we went in such a giant wheel.If you are afraid of heights (like Nami)  we can garanty it’s not as bad as it looks.  You don’t feel it moving a lot. And once you are up its hard not to enjoy the beautiful lights of London. Especially with Christmas. It has that extra wow factor. You almost forget that you’re that high up… almost. The scariest part is when you almost reach the highest point. You can see the other cabins and then you realize how high this bloody thing is. But we survived and we enjoyed it !  With your ticket there’s also a 4D experience included. You can do this after or before the ride. 




2. The london dungeon (student price)

This was the most real, exciting history tour i have ever seen. The dungeon takes you back to different legends and stories of different times. You go trough London in times of hunger, darkness and diseases. The actors are great at their jobs. It’s just like you are there when history was made. We will not spoil this experience for you, just go and visit! It’s really worth your time and money.

It’s a two-hour show where you walk through different scenes and different stories. There are special effects and two attractions. One is a boat (kind of a splash, you get a little wet) and it’s not for those who are light hearted or easily scared. The second one is at the end, it’s a miniversion of the tower of terror (Disney). In every scene the public is involved. It’s not a boring listen don’t speak kind of museum but a very interactive one.

Apart from the high fun factor there’s also an informational part. We learned some of the darkest history of London ( the fire, plague,  crazy kings and torture methods, jack the ripper, Sweeney todd, …)

One of the most horrible stories that we lived through was the black plague.
How horrible it must have been….

Go back in time and discover London!


3. The london zoo (student price)

For each country or city we visit a zoo. This summer we went to Rome and we visited a zoo. Now in London we did the same. We only go to ‘good’ zoos. With good we mean zoos that really take care of their animals. The London zoo is definitely in this category. They are really caring for nature ( reduce plastic as much as possible) and their animals. It is managed under the aegis of the Zoological Society of London. This is a  a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation for animals and their habitats.

It’s not a very huge zoo but still big enough to wander around. They have a lot of animals i didn’t see before. Like Gorillas and african hounds (these are really pretty). Although we don’t like bugs and spiders, the bug house is quite amazing. And Harry Potter fans beware, London Zoo was one of the filmlocations in the first Harry Potter movie (The reptile house).

Check their website. They often do special events and they offer special experiences like meeting animals, be keeper for a day or sleep a night near the lions.


NOTE: Apart from these 3 activities we visited museums and buildings too. Those where mostly for free. The British museum (free) and Natural history museum (free). Another great activitiy that we will discuss in another post is: Winter Wonderland!


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