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Hello you!

Our blog is mostly about traveling and reviews.
Still we like to discuss other subjects as well.

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special fandom we belong in…

Harry potter


It all started with this one. Who doesn’t know Harry Potter? I can safely say that we are part of the potter generation. Everyone has a story and today we are going to tell you wich role Harry played in our lives.


I began with the movies. My parents gave me the first one. I had always shown interest  into fantasy. I watched the movie every week and tried to do some magic myself (without succes) I asked for a broomstick, black robes and a wand. They didn’t sell wands back in my day so my parents gave me chinese chopsticks. Close enough for a 6-year old. The years went by and i watched every movie till the 5th one came out. I didn’t understand the movies anymore. What was happening? I asked my best friend and she gave me the books with Christmas. I was reluctant with books. I liked them in school and i got bullied for it. So i pretend i didn’t like fantasy, didn’t like books and all to fit in. Luckily I gave reading  a second chance. And that was the day my life changed. I went to the first year in middle school ( 12 years old) and suprise suprise didn’t fit in there either. I will not go into detail of my life back then, i’m not ready to share this but i reckon there are a lot of people suffering with the same problems and i just want to say: don’t give up, it will get better. Thanks to reading these books i found a perfect way to escape reality. My best friend an those books helped me back on track.

Now I am proud to call myself a potterhead.

Which character I connect with most? Hermione.


Actually its very funny. On a lot of vacation pictures you can see a Harry Potter book laying around. Like a lot of people of my age I saw the first movie before I read the book. I always had a lot of fantasy and after seen the movies I was sure to recieve a letter from Hogwarts. With my best friends we played our own magical stories – Nami had awesome chinese chopsticks – we went to Hogwarts, had lessons, battled Voldemord himself,…
The world of Harry Potter became even more real after reading the first book. My nephew gave my the first book as a first communion present (I liked reading). From that moment I was more addicted then ever (Potterhead alert! :D). I litteraly grew up with the characters and like them I developped. The story, the characters, the whole magical world was a guidance true every moment (difficult and good times) in my life. It became even more important when my BFF read the books and had the same addiction as me. Recently I saw Harry Potter and the cursed child and I really have no words for it. The magic is still the same of even better then before. Thanks you JK Rowling to let us experience the magic in our lives!

Which character I connect with most? That’s a difficult question. I’m connected to various characters in different ways.

PS. Are you from Belgium? Check out the Belgian potterheads- group on facebook!





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