Iberostar Creta Marine – Review

WOW … It’s been a long time since our previous post.  Time flies.

July 2016 we went on a holiday to Greece (Creta). We stayed in Iberostar Creta marine and we want to share this experience with you.

In February we decided to go on a journey together. We went to a travel agency (Neckermann) with our mind set on one country. Greece. And specifically Crete. The travel agency helped us pick a hotel/resort and we ended up choosing for Iberostar Creta Marine. It was just what we looked for. Not too far from what we wanted to visit,  it had a private beach, all-inn, animation, swimming pools, sea-sight rooms etc. We chose to go from the 3th till the 14th of July. We had a long journey ahead. Our flight was at 6 AM at Zaventem (Brussels airport) and we live near Bruges. We didn’t have any problems staying awake (we left at 1 AM with a shuttle to the airport) because we were very excited! After a smoothly check in and control ( We felt safe and want to thank the staff) we finally got into the airplane. The 3 and a half hours went sooooo slooooow. But eventually we arrived.

– Flight experience + shuttle : 8/10


Arriving at the Heraklion airport we immediately found the Neckermann agency who led us to the shuttle. After a long drive we finally arrived. We checked in around 12 ‘o clock. Our first opinion? Wow. The hotel looked welcoming. The first thing you notice is a statue of Zeus (very Greek 😀 – ps we love the Greek Gods #percyjackson). The reception is decorated by a drawing of the muses. The reception/lobby gives acces to the bar, the stage (evening shows), and to the rooms. In the centre of room you have a stair downwards to the restaurant and the pools. The staff was very friendly and give us all the information we needed. Our room wasn’t ready yet, but we could leave our luggage in a special room (free and save!). In meanwhile we could already enjoy the all-in facilities.

-Welcoming 9/10


We got in to the room after the warm welcome, we searched for our bikini’s and dropped the rest of our luggage. Before exploring the hotel we visited the restaurant. (We were starving ) The all-in formule consists of buffet formules all day long. (Breakfast @restaurant, late breakfast @pool, lunch @restaurant, late lunch @pool, afternoonsnacks @pool, diner @restaurant).

The room was everything we hoped for. A balcony with view on the sea, a large bathroom, a large chamber with two beds, place for all of our stuff (we had a lot of stuff) and it was very clean. The air conditioning worked! (picture above is our view )

-Room 9/10

The pools.

There were at least three swimming pools. Our favourite was the one on the picture above. Like you can see the place is not crowded. To be fair, the picture was taken early in the morning but even in the afternoon there was place to swim. The other two swimming pools were smaller (one was inside). We mostly swam in the big pool and in the sea. There were two private beaches to sun/swim  and one to do watersports. Like you can see we were holding colorful drinks. These are cocktails 😉 There was a swimupbar in the pool (you could reach it if you were outside the pool, there were chairs and tables) but if you were swimming and you got thirsty you just had to swim to the bar and ask your drink. So much options! The water of the swimmingpool was salt (seawater). I recommend you to wear swim glasses if you don’t want salt in your eyes. We didn’t mind salty water. If you swim in the sea it’s also salty. Btw, Salt is healthier than those chemical products.

Pool – 8/10


The food was delightful. Our expectations weren’t that high. I mean… we are born in Belgium a country of good food. Next to France. Another country with taste. We had experience with Turkey where the food wasn’t that great. Greece is also not my favourite kitchen. But i have to change my opinion on that. The food was awesome. There was so much variation! There was bread (very good bread), vegetables, international fooddishes, Greek dishes, healthy desserts, not so healthy desserts ( those where the best :p ), Greek yoghurt and my favourite of al time: tzaziki! never tasted it but wow. I know it’s a dressing kinda food but i put it on everything (expect desserts). The breakfast buffet had a lot of choises too. Pancakes, bread, croissants, chocolate-stuff, waffles, cakes, healthy options. My favourite thing to eat were the pancakes and one particulary kind of cake: Citron cake. It was not a ‘cake’ like in the traditional way of the word but more a little bread with inside citronlike pudding. I can’t describe it , you just have to eat it :p

The last picture was taken on my (Nami) birthday. I was just eating, minding my own food bussiness when suddenly a whole group of the staff showed up singing happy birthday and bringing a cake and champagn (the champagne was Belgian btw). I was instantly happy (and shy, so i turned into the colour of the cake). Thanks to the staff! And Thanks to Lotti for setting this up behind my back grr you sweet evil thing 😉

Food 8/10


This post is getting long so let’s stop with this last topic and thats the animation team.

We honestly never experienced such a good animation team!  They were polite, friendly, crazy, creative and happy. Every night there was a show by the team. When we went to other hotels they just let other people come and do a show (like an dance team or something like that) but here it was a more personal vibe. The animation team prepared and performed the shows themselves! There was a connection to the public and sometimes they picked people out to come on stage, this obviously led to hilarious situations.

At daytime there was animation at the pool, in the gardens,… There was a chard hanging in the lobby which sports or games you could do that day. for example: waterpolo, darts, beachvolley, football, tennis, yoga, salsa,.. There was also music at the swimming pool and the members friendly asked if you wanted to join an activity. They never pushed you into doing an activity and that was important.

Animation 10/10


In general this was one of the best resorts we have ever been to.

We would like to thank the staff for taking such a good care of their guests.
Thanks for the perfect holiday.

General: 9/10

Greetings Lomi ❤


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