Giolotti – delicious gelato

Giolitti – Delicious gelato @ Rome

Via Uffici del Vicario, 40
00186 Roma


Giolliti is one of the oldest ice-cream parlours in Rome.
It was founded in 1890 by Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti and it’s still owned by the same family.
They offer dozens of different flavours and the ice -cream parlour (AND café) is popular with both tourists and locals.
You can’t come to Rome and skip this! After our guided tour we went straight for the gelato.

Going inside the café it’s like stepping into a post card. The interior is old fashioned but cosy.
When entering , we were blown away by the crowd. We weren’t the only ones who heard of the famous Giolitti. Before picking your flavours you’ll have to pay.  After getting the ticket you can go get your ice cream. This is a genius concept. After paying you can really focus on the important things. Choosing the best flavours for example.

Giolitti secures high quality gelato at suitable prices. You pay between 2.5 – 4.5 euros. The fun part is that you pay for a  size (small, medium, large) and not per flavour of ice cream. For example in a small cone you can put two balls of ice cream or sometimes three (depends on shop) and you pay for the small cone (2,5 euro).

The gelato was so freaking good we went two times in a row.
Nami ordered strawberry and banana. Lomi vanilla and black berry. The second time we shared a cup (vanilla, melon and strawberry). The texture of the gelato was perfect and very  intense.

If you have enough time don’t hesitate to get inside and order something on their menu. You won’t regret it!

Have you ever visited Giolitti? Let us know!


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