Moochie Review

Moochie review

Moochie is a hot new ‘store’ in our country. They sell something totally new, frozen yoghurt or froyo!
The shops are very nice and the people very kind. So we decided to try Moochie !

Frozen yoghurt is … well that’s yoghurt that , obviously, is frozen.  But the difference between ice cream and frozen yoghurt is that this is way more healthy and less-fat than ice cream. If you want a healthy but tasty snack for a change than is frozen yoghurt the best!. Here in Belgium we have moochie We live near brugges and ofcourse we tried it ;).


Nami: 5/5

My first reaction was : OMG THIS IS DELICIOUS ! really , it is. In the beginning I was a bit sceptical cause i am a real ice cream lover , and not so much of a yoghurt eater. Yoghurt ‘ BLERK’ was always my meaning but then i discoverd frozen yoghurt. A new world opened.

Today we tasted 2 different flavours. I choose strawberry with chocolate chips. Because i LOVE both ❤ ( hello we live in Belgium, i mean it’s the country of chocolate! And i don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it)
1st : It’s cold an soft , how it should be.
2nd : it tast like strawberry and because it’s so cold the chocolate chips also freeze a bit and i like that. The taste comes out more if it’s cold
3rd :  I just love it
Also its good for your money. For a small its something like 3 euros 60 cents. And one topping of your own choice. If you want a topping extra you have to pay 60 cent more. What really is a fair price. Warning : There are so many toppings that i want to put it all on my yoghurt! Fresh fruit, candy ( oreo’s, malthesers, sweets, ..)


I tried the natural yoghurt with stevia. Stevia a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. It contains (almost) no calories so you can eat it with no regrets. Like nami i was a bit sceptical but this flavour was also YUMMIE ! I tried it with raspberries (who were very fresh !) and it was a very good combination.

So we can decided that frozen yoghurt is not only a hype but also something worth one’s while. Moochie has a lot of shops in Belgium. Its healthy and not expensive! You can aslo visit their website and facebook page:

Do you have shops like these in your country ? please let us know J



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